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  Located in Krakow, Poland, ELEKTROTERMIA Ltd. is a producer of a broad range of electric heating devices, heating and air-conditioning systems integrator, electric devices distributor and provider of electrical installation services for housing and industrial buildings.

Our long lasting cooperation with multiple polish and international companies such as Kanthal, Omerin, Atlantic, Kospel proves that we truly believe in our motto – “You’ve found the partner”

This Web portal provides contact details of our company and an overview of the products and services we offer. The portal is available in Polish and selected pages accessible via the below links can be viewed in English (please see the note at the bottom of this page) or Russian. To browse the Polish pages click here.
The English version of the pages is automatically generated by Google Translator ™. We apologise for possible translation errors and hope for your understanding. In case of doubts or misunderstanding please do not hesitate to contact us and our English speaking staff will be happy to provide you with all required information.

Elektrotermia Sp. z o.o.
ul. Mackiewicza 5
31-214 Kraków

Contact us
Phone: +48 12 415 75 22
           +48 12 420 22 50
     fax: +48 12 415 42 40


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